Digital Pharmacy Clinical Services Network $1/mo
per pharmacy paid annually
or $1/mo. paid monthly
Be a part of the Coronavirus management pharmacy network and participate in AZOVA's Pharmacy Clinical Services Programs. Get paid for clinical service opportunities brought to you by AZOVA.
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  • Coronavirus Pharmacy-based Telemedicine with Online Coronavirus Assessments and Triage. 
  • Online Walk-in General Medical Patient Registration and Clinical Documentation Tools 
  • Set Your Own Prices for Your Services
  • Custom Online Clinic Page for Your Website. Patients Register Directly from Your Website.
  • HIPAA Secure Messaging
  • Inbound and Outbound Referrals
  • Digital Prescriber Network with Secure MessageRx
  • Free Pharmacist eCare Plan
  • FREE inbound prescriptions
  • AZOVA Pharmacy Marketplace Listing
  • Video Calling ($.03/minute), SMS Notifications ($.02/SMS). Secure Messaging is FREE of charge.
AZOVA charges a technology fee of $4 per visit or referral sent to you through the Marketplace. No fee when patients book from your website. This fee supports our platform and staff members who make this program possible.
per pharmacy paid annually
or $1/mo. paid monthly
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Create a custom marketplace for your own pharmacy network, group or organization. Telepharmacy, Geo-fencing integrated transition of care programs, surveys and visit analytics, adherence and customized patient reported outcomes. Community-wide collaborative care networks and more. Billing, coding and credentialing services.

* Video calling is billed at 3¢/min per user.